EXHUMED: Bruce Moody Rainy Day 7" (1982)

posted Saturday Jun 9th, 2018

We're back with a newly discovered set of pop-centric tunes from Bruce Moody, one of the 80s power pop names that's been bouncing around for years and has only recently been investigated. Meanbean Records are the archaeologists to be praised here, cultivating not one but two full EPs of previously unreleased material, and we have two tracks streaming here for your listening pleasure, from the recently released Get Fresh! EP. Lush pop arrangements accompany a brilliant home recording job and both tracks (along with two more unreleased studio numbers) have that perfect summer breeze wafting through them, just what you need as Summer creeps us upon us.

Even tough you may not get lucky enough to come across an original pressing of Bruce Moody's debut EP, this wealth of bonus material will surely fill that void in your shattered heart. As more unreleased material continues to surface, we can all collectively rejoice in this renaissance of rock'n roll excavation, as we're currently in a massive wave of expansive rediscovery.

So crank up these two shimmering pop tracks and track down a copy of the Archival EP Get Fresh! from your favorite local record store, or from Meanbean records direct, RIGHT HERE.

Rainy Day

Someone Somebody