EXHUMED: Incredible Kidda Band Radio Caroline 7"

by Rawce
posted Tuesday Apr 26th, 2011

Well, here we go. Another gem of a record re-imaged by the Internet personalities at Last Laugh. While technically a reissue (these two tracks appeared on the aptly titled Detour release Too Much, Too Little, Too Late in 2000), this is the first time that “Radio Caroline” and “We’re Gonna Make It” have appeared as a 7” and the format serves the songs well.

Personally, I've always thought that the Incredible Kidda Band ran rings around all of the more well known U.K. pub-rock-slash-power-pop bands of the late 1970's, making contemporaries like Eddie & The Hot Rods look like the boring dog turds that they were. Prime example: “Radio Caroline” is a fucking perfect tune, maybe one of the best representations of the genre, ever. It melds the simple (yet for most bands, strikingly elusive) concepts of melody, energy, into a tight, two minute barrage while retaining a structure that shows effortless transition from part to part. The stripped down B-side comes off as an afterthought by comparison but, as a stand alone track, is great nonetheless.

The Kidda Band should have gotten their due long ago but, as with all of the lost souls featured on VoT’s EXHUMED series, it was not to be. Right some wrongs and grab this thing. “Radio Caroline” is waiting for you.

Pick up a copy HERE, or HERE.

Check out a video for "If Looks Could Kill" right here: