Eat Skull Turns Stomachs at Twilight Bar

Eat Skull live 2007 at 21 Grand in Oakland, photo by <a href=
Eat Skull live 2007 at 21 Grand in Oakland, photo by Canderson
posted Thursday May 1st, 2008

Tonight night in Portland at the Twilight Bar & Cafe, local noise-pop hit makers Eat Skull return to the stage for a night of miscalculated mayhem after blowing minds at this year's SXSW fest, and securing their future recordings with Philadelphia-based Siltbreeze Records. It only took a few months of hushed adoration and a short string of live appearances before they captured the attention and the soiled hearts of today's punk taste makers, but at the bloodthirsty rate people are scrambling for their releases, it looks like they might already have the Midas touch. Utilizing the humming static of a broken organ's heartbeat, Eat Skull deceptively fools listeners into acting on their knee-jerk reactions and stuffing their earplugs into their orifices within seconds. Their low fidelity noise assault falls into place just long enough to shake off the outer perimeter of rubber-necked onlookers and blast open one of their discreetly hidden pop songs for the demonically devoted, once the coast is clear. The Hospitals reference point solidifies their guttural intent, yet those rays of filthy sunshine gleam through the brackish repetition to glaze your mind with satisfaction as their peculiar songs dig deeper and deeper into your head. Look for Eat Skull's debut LP out this month on Siltbreeze, and pick up the 'Dead Families' 7" on Skulltones before it's too late, as you know how fast these pressings sell out.

Joining them tonight is the ghostly mist named Inca Ore, which captivates the unearthly vibrations of Suicide and trudges down a nightmarish tunnel of blackness and despair. With virtually no vocalization, expect a droning, paranoia-inducing soundtrack to your inner fears as Inca Ore takes the show down a notch in intensity, yet captivates the true weirdness of experimental soundscapes in a live setting. The bewitching sets of Little Claw and Naked on the Vague round out the rest of the night, and cap off what surely will be a head-expanding experience for the daring and progressive disciples of unhinged punk noise. All four bands are doing something interesting, and undoubtedly worth your time and attention, and proudly showcase some of Portland's finest natural resources. So don't miss a beat and cancel all your other plans to come down to the Twilight and see what's cooking with the weirdos.