Demon's Claws and Coathangers Tour Decimates Detroit

Demons Claws Live at Beat Kitchen 2006 photo by <a href=
Demons Claws Live at Beat Kitchen 2006 photo by Canderson
posted Thursday Nov 1st, 2007

Sunday night at the Painted Lady in Detroit, it would be a goddamn shame if you miss the raucous and inebriating revelry of Montreal's most delirious Demon's Claws as they rev up their sprawling and glassy-eyed rhythms for the home stretch of their latest tour with Atlanta's Coathangers. With the heat still on from their spectacular album on In The Red, it should be high on your priority list to check these guys out in person, and to reach deep into your withered soul and pull out your last ounce of energy to let them level you with their seductively raw and magnetic chops. Sweaty and belligerent by nature, Demon's Claws are one of the most dynamic combos to take the filthy route directly to your brain, and each live performance solidifies their earnest ambition to stomp their furious rock'n roll death trip into submission. Their stumbling, rambling ways have lead folks down the darker side of Americana-tinged blues-punk on more than one occasion, and in the shattered shadows of Detroit's Hamtramck district, it should fully bloom in its consummation. Check out their newest 7" on keyboardist Piero's own Profet Records, and grab their split 7" Rolling Stones' tribute (their version of "Factory Girl" completely slays) with the Black Lips on Norton as well.

Along for the supporting slot on this tour are the quickly emerging clan of girls from Atlanta that are garnering more press than Britney Spears' new lip-enhancement. The Coathangers use a minimal punk platform that encompasses screechingly agonizing vocals along with captivating little guitar lines, all haphazardly tied up into a neat package that resonates with a modern charm. After their debut 7" on Die Slaughterhaus came out earlier this year, they followed it up with their debut full-length LP on Rob's House Records last month that shows a glimpse at where they're coming from, and a clearer picture of what's up their sleeves. As much as they have graced the covers of 'alt-weeklies' almost as often as the Black Lips, The Coathangers tend to carry a more post-indie rock assimilation that pulls equally from proto-Riot Grrl acts like The Slits, Pylon, and Petticoats just as much as early 90s femme-punk machines such as Bratmobile, Bikini Kill and the like. As they straddle the line between angst and aural obnoxiousness in recorded form, only time will tell as to how tenacious they can be under the pressuresome and often heartbreaking heat from the spotlight that's been thrust upon them just in their first year of existence. Either way, it's sure to ruffle some feathers and open some eyes on a dreary Sunday night in Detroit, and if all that wasn't enough already, the evening kicks off with the unstoppable Terrible Twos, who are sure to please and bring the city to its knees. Look for their deliciously castrating debut LP on Criminal IQ before the end of the year and grab their 'Radical Tadpoles' single on X! Records before it's too late and they become the darlings of the Late Night talk show circuit.

check out Demon's Claws and Coathangers on the last half of the tour in these cities near you...
11/03 New York, NY @ LuLu's: Beat Beat Beat, The Weight, Electric Shadows
11/04 Detroit, MI @ Painted Lady: Demon's Claws, Coathangers, Terrible Twos
11/05 Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club: Demon's Claws, Coathangers, Jail
11/06 Chicago, IL @ Ronny's: Demon's Claws, Coathangers, Cococomas
11/07 Lafayette, IN @ Zooleger's: Demon's Claws, Coathangers, Trent and the Rippers
11/08 Nashville, TN @ The Basement: Demon's Claws, Coathangers, Turncoats, Stories That Live
11/09 Memphis, TN @ Murphys: Demon's Claws, Coathangers, Barbaras
11/10 New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar: Demon's Claws, Coathangers
11/11 Mobile, AL @ Bicycle Shop: Demon's Claws, Coathangers, Hibachi Stranglers
11/12 Orlando, FL @ Peacock Room: Demon's Claws, Coathangers
11/14 Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn: Demon's Claws, Coathangers, Thee Crucials, Coffin Bound
11/15 Chapel Hill, NC @ The Reservoir: Demon's Claws
11/16 Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar: Demon's Claws, Blondsai, Mob Warehouse
11/17 New York, NY @ Lulu's/Lost & Found: Demon's Claws, Livefastdie, Young Men.
11/18 Philadelphia, PA @ Sailor Jerry Store: Demon's Claws

check out a video clip of The Demon's Claws live at The Silver Dollar Room in Toronto last year, courtesy of AlexCbfm right here...