Chrome Cranks Rise Again to Play New York Tonight at Santos House.

Chrome Cranks playing in Milan, Italy in the late 90s, photo by <a href=
Chrome Cranks playing in Milan, Italy in the late 90s, photo by Bardino Myriam.
posted Friday May 8th, 2009

The Chrome Cranks recently reemerged from the murky swamps of early 90s blues-stained punk to play a couple shows in New York: one last weekend, one tonight at the Santos Party House with The Friggs, and another next weekend at the Grasslands Gallery with Woman, Headless Hookers and Brownbird Ruby Relic. After a 12 year hiatus, The Chrome Cranks are releasing The Murder of Time (1993-1996) on Bang! Records. A double gatefold album capturing some of the band's most dangerous material durring their reign in the 90s.

Known for scraping blues riffs across an emberred cauldron of noise and summoning such dark swamp dwelling ghosts of everything from the Gun Club to later Scientists, and of course The Cramps, while simultaneously ripping a hole in blues-structured tunes with noisy nuances, Chrome Cranks are back with the same line-up they folded with over a decade ago. After bass player Jerry Teel and drummer Bob Bert did their time in the excellent Knoxville Girls, sadly that band has completely faded. Yet, by some kind of miracle internet voodoo, the rest of the band, including frontman Peter Arron and guitarist Willaim Weber, are all back together doing this reunion thing. But the rest of the country outside of New York City is still holding their breath for a tour, so lets keep our fingers crossed.

Opening the show is the all-girl trash pop group, The Friggs.