Carbonas with Beat Beat Beat on Tour

Carbonas at Subterranean 2005 by Canderson
Carbonas at Subterranean 2005 by Canderson
posted Tuesday Aug 1st, 2006

Atlanta's hot & nasty Carbonas and viciously virile Beat Beat Beat are out on tour this week, and just the notion of blazing through the Midwest's soggiest armpit of the season takes some serious balls in itself. The Carbonas are riding high on their smashing and refreshing album on Raw Deluxe that was released earlier this spring, and Beat Beat Beat have just finished recording their debut LP for Dirtnap/Alien Snatch, which is due out soon. Both bands manage to capture the reckless abandon that runs wild in the veins of the Atlanta kids and their seamless blend of power-driven rock 'n roll of the past, with nuances of the hardcore hooks that work every time, is a winning formula no matter where you're at in your life. Carbonas have a new single out now on Rob's House Records, with a cover of the Dogs "19" so grab it from the band if you get a chance, as they're almost gone. The Chicago show on Thursday is at the Rancho Huevo House, and Friday, see both bands at the Fratney Fracas Fest in Milwaukee. Catholic Boys' Eric Apnea explains the fest like this...

"Our own little fest in Milwaukee. Starts at 4pm, with $1 burgers, brats, and mixers, 50 cent beers and hot dogs. Two house shows and a bar show all within one corner of Milwaukee!

Metal show at 2471 N. Fratney:
E=MC Hammer, Brother and Sister (MN), China Pig, and CopEater

Rock show at 2473 N. Fratney: Terrible Twos (MI), Hot Dog! (MI), the Mahoneys (members of Terrible Twos), Trusty Knife

Late show at 2475 N. Fratney, called the PUB: Carbonas, Beat Beat Beat

Anyway, the bands start at 4pm and go back and forth between the houses every
45 minutes. The bar show starts at about 11pm and is actually completely free.
We are gonna charge a $3 admission to get the food and drink deals, and "sorta" to get into the shows." Classic.

Check out songs by Beat Beat Beat HERE, and the Carbonas HERE, and be sure to catch them in your town in the next few weeks.

Wed 8/2 – Lafayette, IN @ Zooleggers
Thurs 8/3 – Chicago @ Rancho Huevo House w/ Busy Signals
Fri 8/4 – Milwaukee @ Fratney Fracas Fest insanity
Sat 8/5 – Minneapolis@ Triple Rock
Wed 8/9 – Spokane @ Mootsy's
Thurs 8/10 – Seattle @ Funhouse
Fri 8/11 – Portland @ The Know w/ SLiP iTs
Sat 8/12 – San Francisco @ The Knockout w/ The Flakes and The Feelers
Sun 8/13 – Oakland TBA
Mon 8/14 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Scene
Tues 8/15 – San Diego @ Zombie Lounge w/ Rich White Males
Wed 8/16 – Tucson @ Vaudeville
Fri 8/18 – Austin @ Emo's w/ Evil Army and Signal Lost
Sat 8/19 – Memphis @ Hi Tone w/ Dutchmasters

and check out a video from Gonerfest II...