Budget Rock VI Ravages the Bay Area

The Real Kids Live in Chicago 2003 photo by <a href=
The Real Kids Live in Chicago 2003 photo by Canderson
posted Wednesday Oct 24th, 2007

This weekend, the Stork Club in Oakland, California will bring the sixth bastard baby to the Budget Rock Showcase family in its beak, god-fathered by Amoeba Music and Kaiser Records, further proving the Bay Area is famous for the more than just MC Hammer and cool Chinese crime gangs. In the 1990s, "Budget Rock" was a musical message sent on the nub of a retarded Northern California pigeon to save us from the flannel-soaked, alterna-rock depression that bludgeoned rock ‘n’ roll music lovers everywhere. The Mummies, The Fingers, Donny Denim, and Loli and the Chones sent the musical pendulum swinging back fiercely; cutting so deep we needed something of this nature annually. So, in celebration of the need for a heavy dose of that sweet, sweet musical drug, we have the Budget Rock Showcase to tune in our Rock ‘n’ Roll Tokyo’s.

Beginning on Thursday, the masked, sharp-tongued likes of Southern California surf-instrumentalists Thee Cormans will be kicking off the showcase followed by San Francisco’s gay-as-in-happy The Husbands, Digger and the Pussycats, and Les Hormones. Les Hormones will be enjoying the company of Matthew M. Melton of Snake Flower 2 playing guitar, which will totally ensure lashing rock ‘n’ roll penetration. Finishing the night will be Hank IV playing swaggering rock to a then swaggering crowd.

Friday starts with Charlie and the Moonhearts and will be followed by the antics of Der Submarine Racers, which features the radioactive duo of the shallow gene-pool, the Simich brothers. They’ll be rolling up lo-fi, idiot garage that’ll take you back to the burrito-induced farts of your rock ‘n’ roll past on a wild ride of bearded hilarity. The Traditional Fools and Rock‘n Roll Adventure Kids will be again in the line up of usual suspects for the event. And just when you think the ride is too rough, Atlanta's Gentleman Jesse And His Men featuring members of the Carbonas will bring high fructose pop sounds to vibrate cavities in every orifice. The cherry topping of the night will be the long awaited reunion of the Trashwomen. No doubt it will stir up more than just miraculous memories of an adolescence spent dreaming of the Trashwomen playing for you in some sort Rock ‘n’ Roll High School bedroom dream sequence. Aching feet and blurred vision won’t stop the dance party that will ensue, and that’ll only be the second night of the showcase.

Saturday, Seattle’s Nice Smile will be greasing up the night and breaking you down low with assy grooves and foot-stomping tunes. The self-exclaimed merry bunch of noise-makers the South Bay Surfers will follow them up with old and new hits alike to get you rockin’ like a psychiatric patient. Rolling into the night will bring out Tyvek and Coconut Coolouts followed up by Haunted George. Unquestionably the most talented rocker in today’s great times, Haunted George will mystify with the best licks sure to leave you stranded in the desert of lost rock‘n roll dreams. The Hex Dispensers from Austin will be followed up by Harold Ray. Seattle’s the Dutchess And The Duke will bring soul-inspiring folk rock just before The Pets usher in The Real Kids. Yes, the quintessential band that inspired a better part of the bands playing on this fine weekend will be gracing showcase goers. And for Sunday, just when you thought you gave your last rock ‘n’ roll rib to the Creator, Knights of the New Crusade will take you to church with their soul-saving rock‘n roll ‘cause God’s takin’ five. There’s no rest on this day for wearying rock fans and if you’re good followers, Mike Lucas just might deliver his sermon in Esperanto. The Real Kids again headline this final night but not before kicking it out with the ear-pounding blues rock and slicing harmonica with tasteless disregard from Los Angeles’ most dangerous trio, the Guilty Hearts. This night also features the hottest “hutches” in SF, the Bobbyteens, Tucson’s the Okmoniks and the Flakes. And, so like the vicious streets of 3100 in West Oakland, the Budget Rock Showcase will leave you clutching your new records and searching for your ass. Like Whaaaaat!!!!

check out a video clip of the Trashwomen performing "Dragula" circa 1992 courtesy of Forestdweller958 right here..

and check out a clip of Haunted George courtesy of SeanLaw right here...