BREAKING SOUNDS: Pampers 'Right Tonight' 7" EP

posted Tuesday Feb 3rd, 2015

New York City's lethal and objectionable skull-crushers simply known as Pampers are back with a vengeance, as further established on their breakout debut LP last year, and this time they've got a trail of guts strung along behind them that you won't want to miss. Still immersed in a toxic cloud of bad vibes, good times, and the smashed glass from a night full of cheap drinks, Pampers bust out four more shell-shockers on their new Right Tonight EP, destined for repeated trips around the turntable, as well as waking up with them stuck dreadfully in your frontal cortex.

The band doesn't experiment with new concepts in their demolition services, but sometimes just a handful of pounding repetition is all you really need, and luckily they stray far enough away from the modern day trappings of so many bands out there just looking to ape the bands that everyone's already sick of, to ensure a nice, relaxing beatdown your eardrums so rightly deserve. If you have been keeping up with Pampers since their singles on Jack Shack a few years back, as well as their impressive debut LP on In The Red in 2013, you'll no doubt trip over yourself to grab a copy of this new and dreadful infection, cramming four riveting tracks of Sin City savagery into forty five revolutions per minute. And while there are sadly not many of their breed left in New York City these days, it's nice to know this polluted punk persuasion still exists in the dingy corners of that once seedy city, and we can only hope their bad impression will leave waves of influence over the next generation, after the inevitable Brooklyn collapse.

Grab a copy of this scorching 7" EP from your favorite record store, or direct from In The Red HERE, and STREAM the whole EP via Bandcamp right here: