BREAKING SOUNDS: The Wrists 'Freak Of Natures' 7"

posted Friday Sep 22nd, 2006

The Wrists' debut single, "Freak of Natures," came out this past month on the Indiana based die Stasi records. By the sound of it, they are a group of cyborg gorillas from Denton, Texas that are only let out of their cages once a day to suckle the tit of a 32 ounce bottle of Elmer's Glue. Their songs are a short pitch to say they sound like the SCREAMERS done a la' PIRANHAS. Forgoing the guitars altogether and going with a keyboard instead, they've got the same rabid lunatic racket of the latter, and the anthemic droid delivery of the former. The vocals are echoed and haunting, a prefect fit for the cataclysmic curtain of noise that falls behind it. On the A-side "Hatecrimes" has bass-lines that fall into the mechanical hum of the keyboards over a barren and hollow drum sound that can cause neurochemical failure in human brains. The absence of guitar is never apparent and it creates a sound that is odd and familiar at the same time. Maybe their fingers are too gawkishly robotic and burly to play a guitar, so they settled for bass guitar? You can pick one up here.