BREAKING SOUNDS:White Fence Is Growing Faith LP

posted Thursday Feb 24th, 2011

White Fence are yet another incredible SF Bay-area psych-tinged band with something remarkable to bring to the crowded psych/pop table. With whispy Byrds-style vocals and a near-perfect 60s foundational sound woven around each song's endless harmonies, it's not hard to see how such a strong "Fading Yellow" influence can embed itself so well into today's burgeoning jangle-pop army of songwriters. Fronted by the enigmatic Tim Presley, known for his work with Darker My Love and more recently a member of the Strange Boys, White Fence is a whole other floating entity that breaks free of recent comparisons and rockets straight to the top of the heap.

If you still are living your life without the debut s/t White Fence LP released last year on Make A Mess (CD version on Woodsist) Records, you can redeem yourself HERE, and don't miss out on the stellar follow-up LP, Is Growing Faith which just came out last month on Woodsist, right HERE.