by Rawce
posted Tuesday Apr 19th, 2011

Everyone’s favorite, and quite possibly autistic Aussie quirk-punks, The UV Race return with their second full-length, released domestically on obscure indie In The Red. All the wacky grit of their eponymous first LP is here in spades with the addition of a fuller, more drone-centric approach to their irresistible songwriting and presence.

Stand out tracks are hard to pinpoint in that every track on Homo is “winner” as my dad would say. The opening trio of “Girl In My Head”, “Burn That Cat”, and “Lost My Way”, lead up perfectly to the rambling narrative of “Inner North.” The tones and tempo on this LP stay consistent as if the band’s found a singular voice in its collective. Only on the more meditative and oddly sweet, “Always Late” do the UV’s find a different slant to their take on garage, psyche, no wave, and everything else in between.

In a way, the monotony of the said singularity is a minor drawback - but in this case, the songs themselves do the fucking talking and Homo comes out ahead. I’m still not too sure why there’s six or so people in this band, but regardless, they’ve really honed their shit, making a strongly cohesive and fun record for all of you dicks out there. Pussies too.

Grab a copy of The UV Race's Homo LP right HERE, or HERE (and grab the 7" singles too!), everything they've released is essential, and you will definitely regret it later is you don't.

Check out the video for "Girl In My Bed" right here as well: