BREAKING SOUNDS: Tyvek 'Summer Burns' EP

posted Friday Sep 21st, 2007

Tyvek are a gang of aspirant young dudes from Detroit who play jackleg bedroom rock and they have certainly set themselves apart with their unique way of fashioning a sound around their murky, self-aware and often inspirational songs. They've laid the ground work for their perfect brew of larval timbre over the past year with a stellar debut single on X! Records, and songs that seem to equate to a modern adaptation of the blues, at least in their subject matter. Not 'blues' in the traditional sense, but fed through a filter of early early 80s British DIY clatter, out of which they've apparently coined the term, “Frustration Rock.” That term is also the title to one of their songs on their newest release, 'Summer Burns,' available now on What's Your Rupture records. Inside the song's maniacal climbing rhythm, the singer Kevin Boyer proclaims, “frustration hell/things aren't working out so well” in a nasal-clogged tone that perfectly epitomizes their soiled, urban, and wasted flavor.

'Summer Burns' is a 4 song double pack 7 inch record, and is possibly the best format for Tyvek. The mood it creates with the listener, never reaching the a level of comfort one might get from sitting back listing to a CD, and having to return to the turntable to flip or switch a record, seems to cause the same uneasiness their songs portray. In their song, “Air Conditioner,” they scrape up that same blues/frustration angle they've built their sound around, and lament as the ominous “they” snatches not only the air conditioner from his apartment, but also the TV, all the while sung in their typical talking style, but through a thick chugging guitar that's split in half with a running, twangy harmony.

All the songs also appear on their tour edition CDR, Fast Metabolism, but as it seems like this is one of those bands breaking down all the right walls, you'd be stupid not to pick it all up. Check out the track "Give It Up" HERE and you can still get 'Summer Burns' directly from What's Your Rupture here or buy the MP3s from Insound here

Here's a video of Tyvek performing Air Conditioner in Pittsburgh last January.