BREAKING SOUNDS: TV Ghost 'Atomic Rain' 7"

posted Friday Aug 17th, 2007

By now you may have heard the name TV Ghost whispered around smaller circles of music obsessives, and it's with great excitement that their debut 7" has arrived, wrapped in an ominous transparent sleeve, and now in its full 2-sided glory. Oozing out of the sewer grates of Lafayette, Indiana over the last year, Television Ghost are an eerie and pugnacious band who are pushing rhythmic noise to it's inevitable apex by drowning the listener in subliminally perverse noodles of sound, which all fit somehow in place to concoct a truly contentious and staggering monstrosity. Lafayette's own label of choice, die Stasi have mustered up the sagacity to release this fine debut 7" by TV Ghost, and if you have that itching curiosity for the forbidden sounds of outer dimensions, you'll no doubt peel off a small slice of your paycheck for this ticket into their glorious domain of musical mayhem. The a-sides's "Atomic Rain" comes complete with a distressing structure that dredges up horrific images of bygone eras of post-punk's sinister and excrutiating dark side, and simmers in it's chemical excesses. While I picked up the first version of this record at their Chicago show last month as a one-sided test pressing splattered with spray paint and almost unplayable, now you can enjoy their seductively saturated synth-slop with it's equally penetrating b-side, "Bird Flu" which trolls along with such a hypnotic slither that you'll easily forget to get vaccinated for such a selectively spurious sickness. Paranoia echoes throughout the vibrations in the vocals the way it always should, and absorbing the Red Snerts compilation or not, their catatonic repetition is enough to trigger your inner fears into reality, but luckily for you, it'll be over in under five minutes and will leave you panting for more. Tracks have already been recorded for an upcoming die Stasi TV Ghost 12" EP to be released in the upcoming months as well, so don't sleep on grabbing this 7" as a starting point before your ineludible plunge into the cathode-charred underworld soon to be owned by these groundbreaking Indiana kids. Pick up a copy direct from the label HERE, or through one of our fine mailorder cohorts like Florida's Dying right HERE.