posted Friday May 25th, 2007

The one thing people need more of in this world is a good time, and since it's obvious that experimental music is the 'new frontier,' it's only natural that you keep one foot planted firmly in place while you blow your mind in eight different directions looking for kicks. Well, we're sure you've probably heard about 'em already, but the Tuff Bananas have officially arrived and the fruit of their labor has churned out a debut 7" with three songs so ripe for the picking, you'll look like you had a family-sized bag of Pop Rocks explode all over your pants. Not a carbon-copy of the uber-enjoyable original bubblegum template, but completely wired with it's sticky inclinations, this debut 7" EP on Three Dimensional Records has not two, but three fever-inducing rave ups full of real hooks, perfect songs of true elation, and lustfully simple odes to summer pleasures like few others can even touch. All three songs should be on mandatory rotation over the loudspeakers at any REAL amusement park, with the track "Rollercoaster" blasting the fun right through your cerebral cortex like a soul-shattering ride on The Devastator itself! The A-side's title track may seem somewhat generic by name, but once those pestiferous keyboards start to surge with that irresistable rhythm, you quickly realize that just like at the carnival, this ride won't last forever, but you really wish it would. Multi-layered vocals, unshakable choruses and exploding fruit cannot be denied when used together like this, so don't even try to walk away as the song "Night Time" starts to take hold. Just like how The Boys used the song "Weekend" to woo uncertain females into a night of passivity and loosened inhibitions with the line 'I wanna make you more than my friend," the Tuff Bananas continue the lineage like the champs that they are and smack another hit out of the ballpark on the first swing. Completely masterminded by the severly underrated sunglass-sporting, knob-twiddling prodigal pooch known as Benny Boonana, this debut record has good times written all over it, and it would be a shame if you let it slip through your paws as the days grow warmer and Summertime offcially arrives next month. Hop on it today and get your copy HERE before they knock you out in the next few weeks with their next single on Dusty Medical Records, which should be the only antidote to that unstoppable itch in your pants caused by this record.