BREAKING SOUNDS: The Trashies 'What Makes A Man Get Trashed?' LP

posted Friday Mar 9th, 2007

This week The Trashies from Seattle, Washington just self-released their second full-length LP, “What Makes a Man Get Trashed?” My guess is beer. Their balmy, raw aesthetic rams a refreshing caveman thud into an oscillating keyboard sound that is sure to chaff your armpits. Taking the 60s trash din regurgitation and caking it with sweaty dingle berries, their Casio comes off as if it were conducting a carnival of beer drenched midgets. Lyrically, they size-up just retarded enough of make sense to your unmanageable lifestyle, and sung in a talking yawp that squeezes any evidence of seriousness right out the bottom into an ever flowing gutter of myopic and goalless decision making.

After their record release party yesterday in Seattle, they headed out on a US tour which includes a stop by SXSW for the Mortville and Super Secret Records showcase, appearing along with a roster of Austin staples including lonestar tarthearts, The Winks and the hollowing Manikin.

You can buy “What Makes a Man Get Trashed” directly from their own label 24/7 Records here, and their split single with The Hunchback on Freedom School Records here.
And check out this video of them doing “Ricky Don't Feel” off their new single out on Rehab Records.