BREAKING SOUNDS: Tranzmitors 7"

posted Friday Jun 22nd, 2007

It seems the powerpop swell going on up there in Vancouver is about to burst wide open and expose its saccharine entrails to a world that's dying for a cavity or two. The latest single from the Vancouver, British Columbia act the Tranzmitors was released recently on Seeing Eye Records and has already made it's way into the second pressing. It's not surprising at all, as these guys play a perfect brew of candied and affectionate pop that'll have you looking for a new girlfriend in no time. With members playing in a pool of aural greatness that includes such notable acts as The Briefs, New Town Animals and Jeffie Genetic and his Clones, it seems the Northwestern Dirtnap label might owe the region a drink or two. The Tranzmitors are currently at the top of the heap, and with a couple of singles out, a full-length, and a new deal with recently erected Stiff Records, it seems like all ears are pointed in their direction. Stiff will reemerge this summer by releasing a CD version of their debut album previously out on Deranged Records. In case you hadn't noticed, this is the first release by Stiff in 20 years, the label who's responsible for outlining a large portion first-wave punk and new wave including everything from The Damned to Pookiesnackenburger, Elvis Costello, and Wreckless Eric. And though The Tranzmitors may not have been tugging out the hits throughout the latter part of the Carter administration, their songs hold up to the same instantly classic appeal with hooks that sound as if they're coming from a gang of cordial juvenile delinquents. If you act fast, you can still get this most recent release on Seeing Eye Records, as well as their earlier singles right HERE.

check out a video clip of the Tranzmitors record release party courtesy of xinit right here: