BREAKING SOUNDS: Total Control 'Typical System' LP

posted Wednesday Sep 10th, 2014

With any spectacular debut comes the dreaded sophomore slump, and we're SO GLAD to not have to offer any condolences with the second spectacular LP from one of the most revered Australian bands currently circulating your cerebral vortex, the punishing, yet always rewarding Total Control. One of the most heralded, yet also one of the most diverse, you never know which side of the razored edge you'll get, but on Typical System, DX and company deliver an outright heavenly palette of 80s new wave textured tracks, interwoven with their angrier statements and bookended with incredible motorik synth work, as if already ready for soundtrack material assignments.

While the debut LP marched forth with militant new wave pop nihilism, Typical System keeps both worlds balanced and strides along a dreamier format, yet still retains the anger and formidable aggression that keeps everyone else on their toes. And for this you should be the most thankful, because nobody makes an actual effort to be bleak and hopeless anymore. No one is waving their poverty and frustration like a flag of individuality, and yet the monotone vibe of Total Control simplifies all into tiny, organized punk packets perfect for every occasion. Their minimal bleakness and icy song construction are a refreshing blast of vigor, and one of the high benchmarks of modern Australian noise in a scene bursting with new talent on a semi-weekly basis.

Normally this would be nothing short of a punk nightmare, but Total Control are clearly in CONTROL here, and just as your weakness might begin to overtake your shortened attention span, they will rise from the shadows and crush you just like you knew they would, with blood, sweat, and plasmas of all different colors oozing from your ears, and straight into your heart. Don't be afraid of new wave, and don't be afraid of new things in general, you don't have enough time in this fleeting world, so toil yourself into a good sweat with Total Control, because when it comes down to it, Typical System might just be your quickest shortcut to heaven.

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