BREAKING SOUNDS: Thomas Function 'The Insignificants' 7" EP

posted Friday Jan 12th, 2007

Just a day ago, two gentlemen in Atmore, Alabama quarreled over the exact height of the recently deceased godfather of soul, James Brown. This brawl resulted in critical shots to the abdomen, confirming the importance southerners place on absolute accuracy. This deadly precision is shared by the Huntsville, Alabama quartet Thomas Function through their tight, sharply executed pop hooks. The most recent, three song 7” available on Chicago’s Tic Tac Totally label is a must-have for any stickler with pop sensibility. With 250 copies out on blue and green vinyl respectively, black is also widely available through, or through these mail orders. Armed with an ex-member of the also excellent Panic Buttons, Thomas Function exemplifies all that is well, good, and thriving below of the Mason-Dixon line. Fueled by a persistent rhythm section, the subtly fuzzed guitar and sweet, melodic keys march in a simultaneously dark and cheery fashion, a la “Springtime for Hitler.” With yelping vocals unfolding interesting lyrical plotlines, “The Insignificants” and “Conspiracy of Praise” will exercise your ears, brain, and dancing shoes. The dual vinyl colors’ namesake tune, “Blue & Green” is a welcomed hit amid all the black, red, and white talk jargon in rock these days.

The Maximum Rock’n’Roll review of the Thomas Function single employs a lazy, Velvet Underground reference; imagine instead that Richard Hell (whose mom was from Alabama) got into a car crash with The Monks’ “Bad Habits” record and gave a high five to Tubeway Army on the way to the emergency room. If this doesn’t do Thomas Function justice, pick up this blast and hear for yourself. Enjoy!

Check out a Thomas Function video for "Vanity Lights" Live on BARF!