posted Friday Jul 21st, 2006

Gospel has always had that raw, maniacal enthusiasm that carried over to rock’n’roll and gave Little Richard a career. For every Reverend Charlie Jackson and early 60s Staple Singers, there’s plenty of non-denominational ears out there who aren’t too hip on the monotheistic message, and just want to feel the spirit---what ever it is. Just look at the Oblivians last album. Montreal’s Sunday Sinners play heartfelt hymns that recall the beautifully blurred line between R&B and gospel’s country twang. On their newest release, Sweet Jam, on the mysterious Sonik’s Chicken Shrimp label, they layout a six song path of warmly executed soul-soothers. Previously performing with the Montreal supergroup, The Del-Gators, Jenna Roker has a voice that is prefect stylistically: rich, deep and velvety. And her delivery is classically sultry, ––think Ronnie Spector. On the final track they cover The Velvet Underground’s paramount tune “What Goes On” as if it were a spiritual written by Pops Staple and not Lou Reed. The drum track is total Moe Tucker too, simple and muddied. You can still order Sweet Jam here and listen to some unreleased songs here.
And here they are coving the Muddy Waters' "I Just Want To Make Love To You"