posted Thursday Mar 19th, 2015

Chicago is clearly in the midst of a new rock’n roll revival, with floods of great new young bands ripping up the spots on a weekly basis, and rising to the top of that immense heap, are The Sueves. Punishing static hiss coupled with tough-as-nails riffs, careen down a belligerent groove, with immense, crushing noise that comes right to a halt, only to resume with even more thunder. Frontman Joe Schorgl’s vocals will get right under your skin, with such a classic scream already in place, and such an agitated delivery, he’s bound for the big time. I mean how else would your band sound if the guitarist from the electric eels was your landlord?

The Sueves blast forth with a blizzard of treble-soaked noise, and once Joe’s spidery guitar, along with Rob’s vicious bass lines, and Andy’s shambolicly acute drumming really kick in together, they just explode, and they’ve clearly got that elusive “tension” so many bands just can’t get right. We’re extremely excited to get this debut 7? out into the world, so don’t sleep on this raw and trashy debut single from one of Chicago’s top bands, busting right out of the gate and right into your dreams and nightmares.

STREAM 'Bricks and Bones" from the debut 7" right here, and get your order in to HoZac for the limited edition of 375 while you still can, right HERE.

And don't miss them on tour this week, too!

3/24 memphis, TN @ Buccaneer Lounge*
3/25 Nashville, TN (tbd)*
3/26 Bowling Green, ky @ Rocky's*
3/27 Lexington, KY @ best friend bar*
3/28 Athens, OH @ pink mistress+
*w/ The Lemons
+w/ Negative Scanner