BREAKING SOUNDS: The Sueves R.I.P. Clearance Event LP

posted Wednesday May 2nd, 2018

Chicago’s most intricate punk heathens are back with their second full-length, and if you already know their sound, it’s important that you bolt down the furniture, we can’t be responsible for this kind of punishment when you’ve already dealt with their recklessly “endangering” debut. This band has evolved so much in the past five years, it’s hard to even imagine their massive strides of punk progression, let along their ability to conquer the impossible tension that most band can’t even reach in their wildest dreams. The local talent has eroded in recent times to a point of panic, yet The Sueves are still standing, brutally pushing your face into the fire, with one of the last examples of a physically abusive guitar tone left on domestic soil, and one of Chicago’s best and purest rock’n roll byproducts. Strangulated vocals, nervous & bashing riffs, and soul-crushing bass lines all coalesce into perfectly absurd punk anthems that shouldn’t make any more sense to Joe Strummer than they do to Gaye Advert, yet they swerve and pop like nobody’s business.

In case you hadn’t witnessed their live unit, The Sueves now employ Tim Thomas on drums, known for his endless battery charges in Heavy Times, and his reputation of breaking into everyone’s heart without permission or warning continues here. With Joe Schorgl’s Cleveland origins and Thomas’ Detroit history, the Midwest Rust Belt heritage is finally all locked in place. Just take a second to listen to those beaten-in vocals breaking through that spidery guitar hatchet racket, it’s never been a clearer death toll sounding for mediocrity, and we couldn’t be more excited to rip your head off with another bludgeoning blockbuster from The Sueves.

STREAM "Green White" by The Sueves right HERE and don't miss their Record Release Party on Friday May 4th at Cole's Bar.

Demand the new LP at fine record stores everywhere, or order direct right HERE.