BREAKING SOUNDS:Strange Attractor EP

posted Tuesday Apr 29th, 2014

Rob Ford (mayor of Toronto, Canada) is nothing but a disgusting puss-inflated bigot that probably never sleeps at night. I expect a film to be made about Ford's tragic story sometime in the next 20 years and it would make me very happy if "Barely Doin' Crime" was playing in the background during an artful depiction of his last days on earth. Alone. Shivering on a toilet, bloated and red-faced with sweat dripping from his bulbous forehead. Seriously, listen to this song and imagine that. It's perfect right? Ford Nation is an abject failure that will no doubt be coming to a close very soon.

Strange Attractor has given us a great weirdo-punk single with only 1 of the 5 tracks exceeding 1:30. This slab is rife with intriguing vocals, paranoid lyrics and bizarre melodies that pull you in a like a fish-hook through your cheek. Front man Jeff Hule (formerly of STATUES) is basically from outer-space. It's great. This record is dedicated to Mayor Ford and the band of low-life cretins that follow him around like slugs on a turd.

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