posted Thursday Dec 15th, 2011

The Spits are as engrained in modern punk music as ever possible, yet they still manage to devour the rip-offs and influence the youth of today without even looking like they're trying. Going strong now for over fifteen years, smashing the windows and tearing down the walls of our minds every time they roll through town, these truly vicious visionaries have cooked punk down to it's most powerful base form, crawling like Neaderthals through the muck, and creating a flaming trail of hits that'll take quite a spell of dementia to ever forget. A perfect distillation of punk's original open-ended weirdness, and modern's music's serrated salvation, The Spits have proven themselves to be no one to fuck with, over and over again. True headliners, never to be followed and for good reason.

An old tape passed along through one of their biggest and earliest supporters, Sir Lord Bob Kondrak of Seattle was what really blew up the spot everywhere we managed to hijack the stereos during that magical summer of 2001, and ever since, The Spits have been setting the bar high, throughout the Midwest, and soon after all over the world. With their ingenious amalgamation of DEVO's early synth work, along with the absolute best Thug-Punk grunt the Ramones could ever maliciously muster, The Spits never tried to reinvent anything, they just rip it's head off and drive it home every time.

They've always been one of the most original bands of the twenty-first century, yet it never really seemed like they weren't doing anything too experimental, save their signature, yet refreshingly just-ahead-of-their-time, synth/drum machine noise they forced the fickle punk crowds to gladly swallow. When we finally caught wind of them, the demonic void that they filled was utterly too much to handle, and they became the number one band everyone wanted to see, as we became the first of many fanatics to fly the band into town for the Chicago Blackout festival. It was that pre-information overload-type of underground music mystery that just gets all the endorphins rushing. I mean, were they even real? And the way the throbbingly addictive songs just dripped like sticky tar out of the speakers, the guitars that sounded like food processors seemed to dull all your senses, just at the same time that the impeccable lyrics invigorated you beyond belief.

Possibly one of the only modern bands that has several of their songs already covered by their contemporaries, The Spits have already done so much, but still have so much more to come, as they continue to influence anyone with a penchant for irresistible punk music, played like there's nothing to lose.

Pick up The Spits latest earthshaker right HERE and/or grab some of their excellent back catalog HERE