BREAKING SOUNDS:Spider Fever debut 7"

by Rawce
posted Tuesday Mar 22nd, 2011

First of all, I'd be doing a serious disservice to even the most basic concepts of the standard rock critic hack by not saying that Spider Fever is catching, and for fuck's sake, go out there and get some. Catch Spider Fever. Ahem, yep.

With that out of the way, Spider Fever is a San Diego four piece lead by veteran drummer wunderkind Mario Rubalcaba, of notable rock n' roll bothers in arms Rocket From The Crypt and most recently the Black Flag redux offering OFF!

Mario's move to what can best be described as "wrong guitar" (upside-down left handed power chords) completes Spider Fever's refreshing blast of straight forward, well-played, well-recorded, earnest and honest pre-hardcore era American punk rock. In a sea of twee and tinny Black Lips bullshit, it's almost shocking to hear excellent punk rock in a style not far removed from near perfect bands like the Testors, Pagans, and (dare I say) Keith Morris-era Black Flag.

Whether or not the two songs on Spider Fever's Hozac 7" represent the beginning of a larger movement in a return to form for US rock n' roll or are simply a momentary reminder of what's missing in the current underground of punk is anyone's guess. Regardless, this shit is killer and I can't wait hear more. Kudos, fuckers.

Pick up the debut Spider Fever 7" (1st pressing of 500 on black vinyl still available!) right HERE, HERE, or HERE, and check out a nasty-sounding video of Spider Fever performing "Party Girl" off the 7" right here: