posted Tuesday May 5th, 2009

While band names come and go like the breeze these days, it's odd that so many new groups are unintentionally picking up band names from the not-so-distant past, only to completely regurgitate an entire musical genre and spit it back out with almost complete opposite results. This installment of our BREAKING SOUNDS feature goes to the irregularly named Sneakers, who share nothing with the 70s powerpop band of the same name, nor do they claim the Flamin' Groovies breakthrough LP as a point of reference, yet their presence deserves your attention, regardless.

Featuring Rex and Zach from Chicago prog/noise champions Cave, Sneakers are an odd egg to crack, but the repetitious thud of their six-song debut 7" EP out this month on Permanent Records carves out a vicious and pulsating shoegaze riff cycle that doesn't let up. Although the songs build up to a sneer with a sharp, short, and jagged attack that fashions Pink Flag-era Wire bleating their hearts out and foreshadowing the primal throb of Thee Oh Sees, their record as a whole beams with refreshing post-punk power that fulfills better than most. The time that passes between these six tracks contained on the EP goes by way too quick, so it could easily be said that Sneakers possess the rare knack of packing that unique punch that makes you want to hear more. Pressed in an edition of only 500, this splendid little puck of black plastic enjoyment won't be around for long, so head over to the Permanent store on Chicago Avenue (about one block East of Damen) in Chicago to pick up a copy, or grab one HERE.