BREAKING SOUNDS:Smelly Tongues debut LP

posted Tuesday Jul 30th, 2013

Smelly Tongues are Los Angeles' latest form of audio pestilence, a jagged, foaming/forming multi-faceted organism, evolving within each new song churned forth, and poised to drive their venom into this weary world, whether it's ready or not. Scratched together from long-revered outside noise underdogs such as the Piranhas, Red Aunts, Screaming Yellow Zonkers, and The Baptist Church, this new concoction thrusts forth with such a promising post-punk stab in the chest, it's gonna take at least one outfit change and several hospital visits to get yourself straight. It's chock full of those sticky push and pull downer dilemmas that will make you miss work and daydream yourself into a nervous breakdown, sweating and waiting for something that used to scare you as a child, and eagerly staring down the ominous, hideous hooks. 'I can't help it, I'm obsessed, you're the best' has never sounded so perfectly uneffected and deranged, and it's with these razored chops that Smelly Tongues chop rigorously through the lush vegetation of modern primitivism and burst onto the unsuspecting faces of America's broken avant garde with the confidence and swagger of a jackal on a weekend death trip.

Grab the debut LP here from Urinal Cake Records before your entire world slips into the rubbish bin.