posted Tuesday Sep 2nd, 2014

I was disappointed to find out these guys are not some kind of backwoods, Appalachian snake church/sex cult band. I was disappointed they hadn't lived off canned dog food and shitty weed, and that they were just another band from Brooklyn. Since the waxing of the internet, the mysterious band that might have the elusive outsider appeal, whose slight glimmer of being "the real deal."––the next Chosen Few, is even harder to come by. Everyone's on that game now. On the internet we can be from anywhere, except Brooklyn.

That said, Sex Scheme's debut single out on Puppet Combo Records. "Dog Slut", of which they only pressed 300 and comes with a little extra swag when ordered though their page, is an off-center rudimentary time bomb. Their songs sound a tad like Nirvana if you've had some serious nitrous oxide, and that ain't a bad thing at all. It's creepy, it probably repels girls, but this shit is heavy and well worth five bones and it'll keep the toe dippers away, so be sure to pick it up HERE.

They've got a couple of great videos, too, check out this one for "Animal Hoarder":