BREAKING SOUNDS: The Rubs 'Are Trash' LP

posted Saturday Sep 5th, 2015

The first chunk of meat from yet another knockout Chicago band that you've probably rubbed up against by now, The Rubs! Fronted by the brash and brazen Joey Rubbish (Rainbow Gun Show/Uh Bones), The Rubs have a rotating cast of characters but always deliver a sweat-soaked fistful of classic pop songs, drug through their very own grime-rubbed wall of sound. Cobbling together a ramshackle ride of irresistible revved-up pop anthems, drizzled with mid-period Joey Ramone vocal hooks galore (bands take note), The Rubs have arrived to take your "boredom with new bands" and smash it right in your pretty face. Existing on their own plane lodged somewhere between bubblegum and raw punk, The Rubs are sliding in all the right directions at once, merging styles into a juggernaut of pop shrapnel, out to cut and maim anything in it's path.

You can easily hear echoes of The Troggs, Boyce & Hart, Flamin' Groovies and more in these rubbish-filled grooves, a primal grunt of soul-soaked rock'n roll right where you need it, and the inevitable summoning of a groin thunder that will shake the walls of your mind like few others before. The Rubs Are Trash is a vital contribution to the long-running 'Budget Rock' tradition, and alongside classic combos such as The Okmoniks, Donny Denim, The Fevers, and The Flakes, they will stand the test of time. So be sure to RUB ON DOWN to your local record shop and pick up this impressive debut LP while you still can, or order direct from Tall Pat Records, right here.

STREAM the Rubs debut LP right here, and don't miss them live at Cole's Bar on September 18th with Chives and Heavy Times!: