posted Tuesday Feb 19th, 2008

Just as the ice and snow is growing to epically depressing proportions around the Midwest, it's nice to know that over in one of the most eternally frozen parts of the planet, there are the first rumblings of a spring thaw that the Swedish can appreciate just as well as everyone else buried in frigidity. And by-god, this little record may be all that we need to break the ice. This week's Breaking Sounds feature record is one of the heralding releases that will usher in warmer weather and better times for all of us frozen in action, and just so happens to be the debut 7" on Bachelor Records by Swedish party punks, the Poppets. With all of the silly and unanimous praise that the Sneaky Pinks' debut garnered back in 2005, the dumbed-down drunken infection has swept into the Scandinavian countryside and festered in the newly formed Poppets, who just so happen to include Magnus from the extremely prolific Heartattacks, along with his partner, Lina.

What you get on the 7" are three hot-blasting party songs ripped off the right way (check out "Pre-Party" for a wretchedly delightfully inept pop swipe at The Spits' "She Don't Kare") that are done unabashedly off-the-cuff, and devoid of the annoying trappings that usually accompany the bulk of today's modern punk music that's rammed down our throats. Available in a ultra-primitive screened sleeve, it's another nerdy necessary party record for ushering in a new year with nothing in the way of your good time at stake, and another reason why the Sneaky Pinks 'legacy' is seriously more real than you might ever have imagined.

Look for two more follow-up singles from the Poppets to effervescently pop up in the next few months on Plastic Idol and Bubbledumb Records, and in the meantime, check out tuned-in mailorder spots like Floridas Dying, Boom Chick, and Bistro Distro for a copy of this fine debut 7" before the rest of the world catches on and you're left crying in a dumpster with your mother's diaphragm in your mouth, just like last year.