BREAKING SOUNDS: Nothing People In The City 7"

posted Tuesday Dec 18th, 2007

Nothing People are the mysterious Northern California three-piece that made quite a ripple last year with their debut single on SS Records, the Problems 7" EP. Now, a year later and with another single under their belt, it seems their inevitable rise to the top of the psych froth has surged a little closer with their most recent single, also on SS Records titled, In the City. Since they've poked their collective heads up from the rabble of future-minded psycho-dabblers, they've kept everyone guessing by melding styles and mixing drifting drones over low-keyed vocals. They're a pretty hard band to pin down to a particular sound, and that's always a good thing. And while evoking the sounds of everyone from Jesus and Mary Chain to Hawkwind, and even a little Swell Maps, Nothing People depart with their own modern sneer.

On the A-side, "In the City" opens up with a distorted reverb that abruptly halts as the song begins and a slow, pulsating guitar drone takes over and lays just beneath the vocals. One thing that sets Nothing People apart, and makes them so hard to pinpoint stylistically, is the way the vocals are sung. With a sound that generally brings to mind the 80s wave of psychedelic music ala Jesus and Mary Chain, but juxtaposed with the dry, berating flavor of some long forgotten post-punk outfit. A perfectly odd match, on the B-side they tackle the Roxy Music song "Really Good Time," and pump it with their own venom, leaving it refreshingly unfamiliar. You can still pick up a copy of their HoZac 7" single HERE, and pick up a copy of In the City right HERE.