posted Sunday Nov 5th, 2017

NAG are an antagonistic, swelling disease of noisy punk downer vibes that really needs to be listened to repeatedly for best effect. With Brannon from Beat Beat Beat, Frantic and Ryan for GG King's band and Wymyn's Prysyn, its a gnarly slow drag on the top side and a bitter and broken ass-whipping on the flip, something Atlanta should be real used to by now. Its got a clever Germs edge to it in parts and if the recording wasn't so muddy I think it would really shine a lot louder and meaner. The drums are snappy, the vocals have this lovely cascade as each verse rolls out, and the title track has a vividly tense opening them that sounds like a David Cronenberg film is playing behind you.

It's got a primitive backbone that suggests this really isn't hardcore but just very blunt instrumentation in the purest sense, apes beating on laptops, birds pecking at Blackberrys, that kind of natural expression you know and love. And if you know how good the taste is at the newly christened Space Taker Sounds (formerly Pelican Pow-Wow) then you know it's worth your limp attention span to react right here, right now.

Grab the No Flag 7" EP from NAG at your local record shop or direct from the label, right HERE.