posted Friday Jun 16th, 2006

From the sonically fruitful Northern land of Quebec comes the oddly addictive shimmy of the Milky Ways, who as like most of their local bretheren, share several key members of Montreal's favorite soul-bangers who all come together to create a sickeningly beautiful racket. The Milky Ways feature four French Canadian all stars: Choyce (of the Sexareenos, Daylight Lovers, CPC Gangbangs, Luxury Rides, Irritations etc.), Oily Chi (of the Spaceshits, Del Gators, and Sexareenos), Dan Pedro (of the CPC Gangbangs, Spaceshits, Del Gators, and Royal Routes), and Coco Khan (of the Del Gators and the sister of King Khan), along with an appearance on bass from the wild and insanely self-depricating Roy Oden (of the Evolutions and Kryptonite Records) on a few tracks as well. Their original name, Puke Eyes, was sadly scrapped, but the wild ride these guys and gal are gonna take you on will make you forget all about it and immerse your senses in their mind-numbing songs of gutteral bliss. Not exactly what you'd expect from these veterans, but their unique sound has a certain depth and texture that's sadly absent in so many other acts, that it makes their album stand out as really different and yet really familiar. Maybe it's that the original songwriting style of Oily and Coco is less exposed than their counterparts, so their subdued, almost slithering rhythms and unusual choruses and structure to the songs may catch you off guard at first, but after a few listens, it slowly soaks into your brain and the results are nothing short of authentic and surreal. Their debut single on Goodbye Boozy records came out last year in an edition of 300 copies, but you can still hear a track here, along with a few more off the new album. You're not going to hear the same bang and crash of the Montreal senior class that's already got a space in your heart, but this album should take you to another place that's just as warm, but even more unpredictable and just as satisfying. Look for the Milky Ways on tour this summer and pick up their mind-bending new LP on Alive/Bomp! records, Here