posted Friday Mar 10th, 2017

Oakland's snarling Midnight Snaxxx are back with their second LP Chew On This! out now on Pelican Pow-Wow, and it's bursting with punkish rockers that will make your toes curl with delight. Featuring a dual-fronted attack from Dulcinea (ex-Loudmouths), Camylle Reynolds, and held down by ex-Bitchschool/Loli & the Chones guitarist Chris Santamaria, and Sammy Gutierrez from the Ogres, this isn't just some gang of joanie-come-latelys, but a fully-formed punk battering ram. After 2012's debut self-tilted LP on Red Lounge Records, Midnight Snaxxx released an arsenal of red-hot 7" singles that cradle that perfect slice of late 70s pop-inflected punk.

On Chew On This!, Midnight Snaxxx return to the LP stage and nail down another rapturous set of originals and an intense cover of "Mysterex" by New Zealand punk legends The Scavengers, to great effect. Like submerging Nikki Corvette in a warm bath of modern punk slime and wiping off those remaining shards of sugary melodies, "When the shit hits the fan, I'll be by your side" sums it up quite well. Are the Midnight Snaxxx direct descendants of the 'Budget Rock' era? You better believe it, and they might be the only band to successfully bridge that rickety world with the visceral power pop contingent. Very well done folks, and as normally I'd want a snack after finishing writing this post, but not this time, I'm fully satisfied now.

STREAM the Chew On This! LP right here and be sure to pick up a copy of the new LP wherever fine records are sold, or direct from Pelican Pow-Wow right here.