BREAKING SOUNDS: Mark Sultan 'Sultanic Verses' LP

posted Friday Jun 8th, 2007

The newest release to come out of the prolific Canadian warbler, Mark Sultan, is out this month on In The Red Records entitled, The Sultanic Verses. Whether the title is a nod to Salman Rushdie (my guess would be no) or the Rolling Stones doesn't matter, as Mr. Sultan takes us into his realm of timeless, communal, and simply brilliant songs with his uncanny ability to craft a sound that's classic and fresh all at once. Although this isn't a departure from his previous output as BBQ stylistically, nor should it have to be, it does playfully venture into the use of broader instrumentation. In the closing track, "Unicorn Rainbow Odyssey," there seems to be what sounds like a timpani with a low, thunderous bass sound that rings out as if it were coming from a low-rent cruiser, but it's highlighted with a high pitched doo-wop chorus. Throughout this LP, Mark Sultan takes chances incorporating different sounds, using everything from maracas to the always respectable handclaps, to even a xylophone, moving further past his one man band formula, and filling out his hallmark and instantly recognizable sound without leaving the territory of his previous work. Being one of the few recording artists blessed with a such an identifiable tonal fingerprint, Sultan is able to seamlessly introduce us newer explorations without sending us into some kind of shock of identity crisis. At the same time, the record reminds us of all the legendary bands of his past, namely The Spaceshits, Sexareenos, and right on down the line. You can check out some songs right HERE, and pick up the album directly from In The Red RIGHT HERE.

check out a video clip for "European Girls" by Mark Sultan performing as BBQ right here...