posted Friday May 4th, 2007

Goodbye Boozy Records released the second installment from the mysterious supergroup, Luxury Rides recently and it digs up all the right tonal corpses. Coming from a line up such as theirs, which features such personage as Joe Dirty, Roy Vucino, Nick Lloyd, and Wild Wes Kerstens, it's not too far of a leap to guess what these dudes sound like in the same equation. When you put together ex-members of The Dirtys, Bantam Rooster, Clone Defects along with Les Sexareenos you're going to end up with a umbra of clotted, dancable rhythms that are impossible not to enjoy. Their sound, like their precursors, seems to bring to mind the persona of an admirable scumbag or a friendly, extroverted sociopath. Mashing the Detroit fuzz kick with the Montreal soul-shaking aural equivalent of the party hat, these guys hardly give you time to recoup from track to track. The A-side is a recast of "She Just Don't Care," which also appeared on their first single released years back on Solid Sex Lovie Doll, but this time with Roy and Jenna Roker on vocal detail. His gruff, barbed-gutter voice is the perfect inflection for the soulfully sloppy and fun-loving romps that these guys are collectively known for banging out. The hit though, comes on the B-side with "Make Love," which you can checkout HERE. The intro makes The Sonics sound like choirboys and when the rolling guitar riff comes around, you'll be completely hooked. The red vinyl pressing edition is limited to 150 copies, so you'll have to act pretty fast to get a hold of this gem.