posted Monday Mar 3rd, 2008

This week's spotlight record feature is by the always impressive queen of French noise and one of the main contributors to the mighty Volt, Miss Lili Z. Fans of her aggressively nerve-cracking electro punk will be repeatedly impressed by this, her first CD format release (and second full-length) just unleashed this month entitled The Two Of Us, on PollyMaggoo Records. Lili knocks out fourteen new tracks of sophisticated raw minimalism, carefully balancing menacing rip-saw guitar and pulverizing drum machine crashes with intricate songs that have clearly forged a permanent spot for the most revered female force in punk.

Although this new album takes adventurous new directions, each song resonates with an irresistible array of hooks that ensures it won't be leaving your head any time soon. The album's high notes cross into some surprisingly simple pop-centric tracks like "That Guy," and "With A Picture," laid down next to introspective sound experiments like those used in the nightmarish "Dark Toilet," come across as a new and dynamic extension of her sound. The building tension, interspersed with Lili's signature guitar slashings that shine like gold on the undeniably brisk "Nix! Nix! Nix!," all pull together and suck you back into such a mind-blown state, inarguably reinstating her righteous apotheosis in the rock'n'roll underworld. With all of her previous releases on PollyMaggoo and SS Records currently out of print, this might be your only chance to get your hands on Lili's stuff with the least amount of effort, so don't sit idly by as the rest of the modern world rediscovers why this is one French lady that you can never underestimate. Check out two tracks off The Two Of Us, and "Ma Solitude et Moi' from her 1999 10" as well, right HERE.

Pick up a copy of the new Lili Z. CD in the US from Midheaven, or overseas at Clear Spot, X-Mist, Incognito, Hate, or Soundflat, and even though it's not in the vinyl format yet, it's essential nonetheless!