posted Tuesday Sep 23rd, 2008

Not since the heyday of the late 70s has Portland had so many fine bands gurgling under its primordial oozing surface, and one of the labels doing their part at documenting the sickness is Point Wrex, who have unleashed the proper debut 7" by Leaders this month. This week's BREAKING SOUNDS feature record comes wrapped in hand silk-screened sleeves in a micro edition of 300 copies, so act fast, or pay the consequences, as on par for anything weird and limited. As a band that has murky notes of destitution leaking out of its infected pores at any given moment, Leaders utilize their emotionally barren song structures with the ugliest results and cobble together a pair of songs so wretchedly infectious, you might have to take that long overdue trip to the free clinic after all. Using only the simplest tools to carve out their insidious niche in today's vast array of musical anomalies, Leaders manage to caustically arouse the darker side of life in their songs in a way that surrounds your fleshy mind and cracks into your devious tendencies. If you were lucky enough to acquire their 'demo' Candy Pants 7" then you'll be chomping at the bit to get your hands on this official debut, and your fluids will drain in anticipation as their humming wreckage coalesces into sonic subversion with this ineffably nihilistic strain of modern minimal punk.

If the heartwarming negativity starts to sound familiar, maybe it's because according to the insert, Joe Pestilence of The Spits was responsible for the synth parts, and the undeniable Mozzley Miracle of Meercaz holds it down on the deranged guitar, making a tremendously disruptive vibe that just can't lose. "Rub You Wrong" may just be the opposite effect you'll get from the single's a-side, as it quite contrarily warms up like a sickness you can't shake. It's gruff and grimy space junk-punk like this that really makes me smile, and if you find yourself wanting more, don't miss out on a few more songs (all downloadable) right HERE, as well.

Luckily for those in the Pacific Northwest, Leaders actually play live shows and are celebrating the release of this 7" single Thursday night in Seattle at The Funhouse with Blank Its and HEAD, which should make for a stellar night out. Pick up their "Rub You Wrong" 7" HERE before it's too late, or check them out live this week and pick up a copy from the band themselves.