BREAKING SOUNDS:The Intelligence

posted Monday Jul 31st, 2006

As the first in a series of limited edition vinyl available only through In The Red Record’s website, The Intelligence newest release, a 5 song 12” EP of previously unreleased material, sounds like the plebian underbelly of a futuristic time warp. In a time where the future and the past come together in a maelstrom of failed technology and fall to the dross, The Intelligence are the musical equivalent of an over-utilized floppy disc. Their blown-out and fuzz riddled songs cull through weird harmonies leaving a rubble of anxious and flipped-out distortion. With the pretty standard instrumentation, they come off as though they’re playing instruments that haven’t been invented yet, through relic amplifiers where distortion is a byproduct rather than the intended outcome leaving us with a sound that is like nothing else out there. On this release Lars Finberg and crew hammer out a sub-musical transmutation of harder to mid-tempo hits that’ll send you through a glorious aural panic leaving the traditional rock’n roll song structure we’ve gotten used to over the past sixty some years behind, but without totally disregarding it altogether. Be sure to pick up a copy while they last here.