posted Friday Jul 13th, 2007

If you're keeping track of the choppy waters of French music in the current Glue-Wave state of mind, do not hesitate to jump on this brand new 7" slab by Immaterial, a side project by FX of VOLT, and just in time for Bastille Day. Freshly issued in a micro pressing of 300 copies on their own MaterielDisk label, it's another destructively ingenious slice of geniune electric punk with hooks in all the right places and recorded impeccably tough and tight for a maximum, lasting effect. Along with FX's companion Sandrine T, they have also created illustriously annihilative ambient trash in the form of their other project Hematome, who ride the same rails as their French comrades operating out of small apartments armed with drum machines, broken guitars, and an armada of effect pedals. While the similarities with Immaterial to VOLT are quick to emerge, Immaterial takes you down a less angry, yet darker path of self-deprecating hymns of overindulgence (check out opening track "Drunk" for a universally common thread that transcends international consumption comparisons), along with echoed frantic vocals that either expel or entice depending on your inclination towards adventurous noise smothered with a rich, nose-bleeding rapturous beat. The hum of the guitars is mind-bending and the frontal attack-style vocals are exactly what needs to be swirling around your head this summer. Volatility in sound like this provided by such swarthy and muculent French stereotype smashers can remedy any gripes about "why music isn't exciting anymore," and where else can you find such consolation than with the legions of groundbreaking noise-benders like these two right here in Immaterial? Not many places, indeed. So do yourself a huge favor and pick up this evolutionary 4 song 7" before it's too late and find out just what is missing from your humdrum lifestyle of daily routines surely guaranteed to make you age even faster than you normally would. FX is obviously on the right track here, and it's up to you to find out if you can handle these far out sounds of the future, today. With such a limited release, and with nary any distribution in the US, be sure to check X MIST for your chance to feel the buzz as it cuts you in half within the first few bars of the first song.