BREAKING SOUNDS: Imaginary Icons 7" EP

posted Friday Sep 8th, 2006

Another new band making the rounds in New York City these days is the curiously clever new group known as the Imaginary Icons. Strong and assertively angry vocals spat out over a simple and effective song structure can go either way, but these four guys have figured out what needs to be done to make it memorable. Stark imagery, coupled with Wire's keen sense of negative space between rhythm, and all without resorting to the tired Joy Division-style that's been tread upon so criminally for the past few years. The tracks on this record reach out and strangle you instantly, and even with only two songs on their debut 7", you can tell that the Imaginary Icons are doing what comes naturally. Once it soaks in, their manic yet sedated, and pleasantly erratic songs should be able to win over anyone with a soft-side for harder edged 'cold-wave' music that's not played by obscure French bands. With Ben from Detroit area Flying Bomb band, MHz on guitar, vocals and synth, it's got a furious drone that's executed with an attitude devoid of pleasure, and hooks that sink in the first time they're set. Tom Dash does hits his cues right in stride on bass and backups, and Nate from the Tie Reds on drums is a pulverizer, too. "Sir Vaylance" on the alternate guitar is also a scorcher, and has the honor of having one of the greatest names in "punque," rounding out an entity of glorious new noise that you painfully need to hear. With a follow-up single in the works from Plastic Idol in the next few months, we'll hopefully hear a lot more from these guys in the near future. This 7" is out now on Daggerman and is available via many of the fine mailorders on your right. Check the band out next Friday, 9/15 at the Magnetic Field in Brooklyn, Saturday 9/16 at Midway Cafe in Boston, and Friday 9/29 at Southpaw in Brooklyn. Check out some songs HERE.