BREAKING SOUNDS: Hibachi Stranglers 'Parking Lot' 7"

posted Friday Dec 15th, 2006

The Hibachi Stranglers debut came out last week on the southern Florida's Dying label. As the tunes on their micepiss site had promised, they lived up to a beautifully clamorous combination of drunkenly waltzing GUN CLUBish dins to eerie tunneled vocals interwoven with mobbish back-ups. On the A-side of this single, the Stranglers "Parking Lot" starts off with the most retarded, flat guitar chord that alternates channels, and then slides into a very Glue Wave fuzzed-out noise. As the barely sung/talk style vocals enter you realize that this band's sound comes from so many different angles at once. You can pick-out the sneer of the moronic brilliance of the Angry Samoans, but with sloppy and rambunctious backing vocals, and the guitar sounds as if it were played from an abyssal and metallic grave. On the B-side, they come completely unGlued with "Dub Devoid" with more echoed vocal tracks, weird and discomforting intonations that don't fall too far from the weirder Spits stuff, and lyrics that pelt out a caprice of doom-hearted glee. You can pick it up directly from Florida's Dying here.