BREAKING SOUNDS: Hex Dispensers 2nd LP

posted Friday Sep 18th, 2009

It sure seems like it's about time for another wallop from Austin, TX's domineering pop perfectionists, the Hex Dispensers. This week's BREAKING SOUNDS entry spotlights their sophomore LP offering as they nail it all down with a tightness and righteousness that's hard to beat, and always easy to enjoy. Forming out of the collaborative thunder of Alex Cuervo, Dave Bessenhoffer, Tom Kodiak, and Alyse Mervosh's insidious restlessness, Hex Dispensers blasted forth just over two years ago and knocked the socks off anyone who got to witness their bombastic powerpop firsthand, and delivered a crushingly great debut LP on Alien Snatch which left us panting for more. On their latest LP, Winchester Mystery House released last month on Douchemaster, we find the Hex Dispensers honing their craft to a fine edge, locking in grooves that shake your inner monkey back and forth mercilessly and delivering a walloping punch to their already decimating and deadly pop formula.

As expectations are set high for most second albums, Hex Dispensers definitely don't disappoint as they bust out vigorous, infectiously-driven high-speed pop jams that stick to your soul and drive you wild with wanton exuberance. The earthshaking drums, slashing guitars, and those irresistible vocal hooks may even evoke the finest moments of contemporaries the Marked Men, and man o' man is that ever a slice of heaven, but Hex Dispensers easy one-up their contemporaries with nary a broken sweat. They even cover one of my all-time favorite DEVO songs, "Gates of Steel" and crush it's particles into a death ray of uninhibited power, as they don't just cover it like they did with Tubeway Army on their debut, they make it their own. Everything from the immaculate sleeve design to the beautiful splattered platter exudes eye-catching brilliance, so do the pop-side of your mind a real favor and grab this LP before your chest caves in from the inevitable lack of blood pumping that results from not having this incredible Hex Dispensers LP at hand. Pick it up direct from Douchemaster right HERE.

check out a video clip of Hex Dispensers performing their killer "MY Love Is A Bat" live at Emo's in Austin last year, courtesy of DavidRayDog, right here: