BREAKING SOUNDS: Heartbeatz Secret Girls 7" EP

posted Friday Jan 18th, 2008

Bakersfield, California has had it's own thing going on for the past few years with Going Underground Records' cavalcade of renegade snot-rockers like Contaminators, Hips, Human Mess, and the Sick-E's all scraping their way into southern California's punk consciousness. And they do it all with a consistent look and sound that typifies the alienated youth syndrome of the urban sprawl like few other labels can. This week's Breaking Sounds feature comes from the newest addition to the fold, Heartbeatz, who despite their name's plurality and presentation, are the work of one Neutron Ron, whose damaged pop visions of grandeur liquefy the mold of the typical modern LA punk sound in three simple songs that echo with dereliction, desperation, and even conjure the preciously puke-laden vocal delivery of VOM on the title track, "Secret Girls." As if hi-fidelity had never even been invented, Heartbeatz loudly drill into the core of what simple punk needs to have in order to last beyond it's time. This debut 7" EP jaggedly knocks back three chunks of back-washed, bone-headed brilliance that directly increases irregular palpitations, and induces an odd sweat that confirms their ability to cauterize the real filth from your system.

With no ridiculous packaging to detract from the music itself, the Heartbeatz single strips down right in front of you and doesn't bother to ask for your sympathy or even your consideration as they dismantle the preset expectations of Orange County's notoriously criminal and barf-worthy Epitaph/Fat Wreckords' sound, and heralds a new, fierce wave of low-budget, high-quality excitement. Pick up a copy of the 7" EP from Going Underground right HERE, and stock up on the label's other releases from it's brain-erasing brethren before it's too late, and you're left standing there crying in the rain with your reproductive organs uncomfortably resting in your hand, yet again.