BREAKING SOUNDS: Goodnight Loving 'Crooked Lake'

posted Friday Sep 14th, 2007

Goodnight Loving will celebrate the release of their second album Saturday night in Milwaukee at Shorewood Legion Hall and with a pretty fantastic line up featuring Holy Shit!, Tuff Bananas, and the Bold Ones. Crooked Lake, the new album, was recorded in a cabin in a rural fishing destination just north of Milwaukee. Fittingly so, as their music plays up a porch-perching amalgamation of smart, twangy pop and classically intricate songs that are impossible not to love. As a follow up to last year's debut Cemetery Trails, the new album, also on Dusty Medical Records, follows through with the same force of galloping harmonies, all-at-once vocals, and their own brand of hyper-folk vim. Often invoking the spirit of a booze-addled gang of flanneled hooligans, Goodnight Loving seem like they'd be more likely to take their worries out for a swim rather than drown them. In the song “The Land of 1000 Bars,” they briefly touch on the wonderment of recreational binge drinking and the stinging regret it sometimes brings, ironically executed with an abiding rhythm that will get you chugging anyway. If you listen to “Join the Order” enough times, you'll be throwing every door open like it was the entrance to an old western saloon, and of course, you'lll be wearing a ridiculous pair of chaps along with it. With its building lilt, the song crests to a full-fledged sing along, and cements them into modern history as the kings of slovenly harmonies. If you weren't lucky enough to pick up their tour edition of Crooked Lake, you should go HERE right now and buy it, and look for their single on Bancroft in the next few weeks, too.

check out this video clip for Goodnight Loving's "Land of 1000 Bars" (courtesy of ColeSore) from the new album right here...