BREAKING SOUNDS: Gentleman Jesse And His Men 'I Don't Wanna Know' 7"

posted Friday Jan 5th, 2007

Atlanta's last five years of musical heritage are enough to warrant any kind of 'inspection' from the powers that decide 'what's hot' in the glossy music magazines, but we all know they won't catch on for another five years, so we'll let them continue to drool over Detroit, and that's just fine. This 7" by Gentleman Jesse And His Men on the Douchemaster label is another fresh slice of 70s inspired pop brilliance on par with the sounds of The Beat, the Barracudas, and the good stuff Tom Petty did before your dad's buddies started calling him their hero. Jesse and Dave from the the Carbonas have assembled a squad of tightly configured personnel who can channel the free spirit of the Carter administration and infuse it with a snappy and indulgent Case/Collins framework of rock'n roll ecstacy, and the results on this debut single are thouroughly pleasing on all levels. Punchy, harmonic, and full of hooks that sink deep and don't require a warm-up, the Gentleman Jesse And His Men single is clearly a great sign of even more essential music from the deep south that you really shouldn't live without. The only thing this record lacks is the proverbial MORE, so if that isn't the best sign of a great debut record, then I don't know what is. Be sure to check out Gentleman Jesse And His Men opening up for the Reigning Sound and the Mighty Hannibal next Friday, January 12th at the Earl in Atlanta, and be sure you don't let your chance to own this single slip away, as word is spreading fast about how good it really is. Check out some songs HERE and pick up the record right HERE before it's too late.