BREAKING SOUNDS: Gentilesky "In The Flesh"

posted Sunday Dec 10th, 2023

Tighter than nails, and with an irascibly bleak swagger, this indefinably irresistible female-fronted Sardinian/Istanbul supergroup with members of The Rippers, Love Boat, Maggot Madness, Haywire Desire and Poster-iti is just what your witch’s doctor ordered. Lightning-fast bass-blast rhythms intertwined with uncontrollable surges of anguished vocals from one Yaprak Kirdok, one of the best new vocalists you haven’t heard yet. Sounds of regional UK compilation cuts from ’79-80 seep in, and a blistering byproduct of invigorating post-punk cultural complexity pours back out, showering you with cuts of paranoid precision and an ever-growing intensity that seems to loom behind each passing track. A driving repetition, an escalating scale of confrontation, and it’s teeth-cracking tracks like “In The Flesh” that will persevere long after these souls pass on through the ether. It won’t be long until someone covers that one!

With one of the most perversely addictive takes on the post-punk sound we’ve heard in ages, Gentilesky has a really great thing going with their sweepingly frantic style, and you just can’t help but get excited about this “City of Boredom” they keep referring to, either. The impeccable accents, the visceral heat, and the power of restraint have never come together so well. Do not miss Gentilesky in any way, shape, or form; truly one of Europe’s newest powerhouses of modern underground excitement.

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STREAM "In The Flesh" from the debut LP HERE and order a copy of the first pressing of 350 HERE.