BREAKING SOUNDS: Flesh Panthers 'NGC 2632' debut LP

posted Friday Jun 12th, 2015

The songs of Flesh Panthers' NGC 2632 swagger and sneer with unrelenting attitude, but rather than evoking anger and alienation, it's the kind of attitude that says, "We're here, we're beautiful, we're going to go wild and have another big ol' party!" This fuzzed-out record rocks and reels, reminiscent of a mid-July major rager full of all your favorite weirdos.

Or, maybe it sounds the way a crazed rock 'n' roller going nowhere fast on a Friday night looks, a zonked-out knucklehead looking for excitement in any one of the world's glowing party metropolises: inappropriately long hair, skin-tight jeans, an I-don't-care demeanor.

"teethe," a slow bruiser, struts with a noisy jangle and a leering stare. Mid-tempo stompers "elevator girls" and "47 Eyeballs" allow a glimmering guitar lead to weave through the cocky snarl of vocals. Rippers "ede M'" and "clampa" go hog wild, barreling recklessly toward a fuzz solo and catchy hooks.

While angst and violence are present in the earliest Flesh Panthers recordings, over the years the band has evolved into another animal entirely, veering into the good-time party band territory of raucous house shows and bouncy beer-soaked nights at Cole's, crafting songs dipping into an array of influences, from old-fashioned punk and garage to the many-faceted sounds of rock 'n' roll, R&B and blues of the '50s and '60s.

NGC 2632 further confirms what anybody who's seen the group live lately already knows: Flesh Panthers have found their voice, amalgamating a myriad of influences into high-powered rock 'n' roll mayhem that stands out as their unique offering to the colorful Chicago scene.

This album is a co-release from Tall Pat Records and Dumpster Tapes, order a copy HERE or pick one up at your favorite record store, and STREAM the whole debut album right here: