BREAKING SOUNDS: Feeling of Love Hand Clap Girl 7"

posted Wednesday Apr 9th, 2008

The latest release from the weird French one-man-act known only as The Feeling of Love came out recently on Rococo Records. Serving as an ode to the wonderful 90s, the 7" sleeve artwork features two of the biggest icons of the era, Michael Jordan and Curt Cobain. The music Feeling of Love plays oddly lends to traditional blues at its core with jangling guitar, but his clever way of wrapping it in a murky and mechanized cellophane offers more of a Glue Wave sound. With pulsing cadence, synthesized hand claps, and his hammering, voluble vocal style, Feeling of Love pulls past any question of predictability and offers up music that slides past categorization.

The standout on this single is on the b-side in a song called "Jordan's Rules," which was apparently penned by the man himself. Sung in The Feeling of Love's rapid harangue style of singing, over a dizzying, synthetic drum beat, and guitar that will have you instantly dancing like a retarded robot.

The Feeling of Love has a US tour on the horizon for this coming June, and will be accompanied by a full band featuring a member of AH Kraken. Also keep your ojos open for a full length LP out soon on Yakisakana, and a 7" out on Florida's Dying.