BREAKING SOUNDS: The Electric Bunnies 'Eskimo' 7" EP

posted Friday Apr 6th, 2007

Easter is right around the corner, so what better way to welcome the cutest, fluffiest, and rising-from-the-deadest season than with the aptly-timed release of the debut 7" by Miami's The Electric Bunnies on Florida's Dying Records. This record from the mysterious Floridian band, comes packed with three songs of noise-driven and punishingly great sludge-pop heaven that run the gamut from nervous to nerveless and stick right in your skull at first poke. The A-side's lead off, and instant smash hit is "Eskimo," (check it out HERE) a track so bubblegummy and sunny sounding you can just tell they're really glad they're not stuck up in the North with us suckers still getting snowed on in April. The Zeros really nailed this similar sound with songs like "Hand Grenade Heart" back in the 70s, and The Electric Bunnies hit the same infectious stride and then dump a loud-humming food processor on top of it. By this time, you can already tell something's warming up inside you, and yes, it's the record, but you better get yourself ready. The next track, "Eat Worms," has got to have one of the best recording/production awards from 2007 handed to it. The song orgiastically bleeds black blood out of the speakers and makes you shudder with pleasure as the puked-up, echo-fucked guitar squelches drive you literally over the edge. Explosive, powerful, and right to the point, yet with an authentic, grimy personality that seems like it could drive these dudes right up the, uh, charts! Although we've already got a home run single going here, the B-side may cause a few noses to turn, yet it's really just a small part of a 3-song glimpse into their vast spectrum of fuzzy musical personalities. So look out all you over-categorizers, this band takes a little from the best of all angles so that usually guarantees a great knack for exciting song writing is somewhere in the formula. After playing this about ten times in a row, it's become apparent that it's an essential piece of modern punk without boundaries that if you're lucky, you can still pick up right HERE or at their record release show April 20th at Copper Rocket Pub in Orlando.