BREAKING SOUNDS: The Electric Bunnies debut LP

posted Monday Feb 8th, 2010

As we slowly pull ourselves out of the swamp here at VoT, we're bolted from the blue with enthusiasm over the recent release of the epic debut album by Miami's Electric Bunnies, Through The Magical Door on Florida's Dying Records. For an incredibly dynamic band that can change its sound faster than a chameleon changes its color, they've gone far and beyond on their freshman entry into album territory here, with eleven tracks of pure psychedelic bliss, stretched over every conceivable sub-genre and all coming out winners. The Electric Bunnies did such a number on this package as well, it's almost overwhelming, coming complete with a gate fold game board, including a full set of game pieces and various other crap that just makes the music even better, somehow. And oh yes, the music. When the chorus-intro of "Marigold Flowers" kicks in, it's nothing short of a spine-tingling rush of adrenaline, causing the most welcomed heart palpitations I've had in a long time, and luckily for those of you reading this with your modern musical taste on life-support, it'll be just the invigorating jolt you so desperately need.

The Electric Bunnies effortlessly master one important style when it comes to music, and that is known as guttural, yet tasteful variation. As the tracks come and go on Through The Magical Door, it's repeatedly noted that these guys spin the wobbly wheels of bubblegum and garage pop right alongside thrash and noise with the greatest of ease, remarkably nailing down one of the most lasting, impressive, and all-around admirable feats done at 33 rpm you can find anywhere these days. Pick up a copy of the Electric Bunnies debut album and let your worries melt away into a steaming pile of electric punk slime that's both ugly and irresistible, and unlike anything else you're bound to hear coming out of Miami's gutter anytime soon.

And for an even more laid-back, neuron-frying experience, pick up the debut album by Teepee, Morals which isn't so much of an Electric Bunnies side project, but more like a lead-off point for a mesmerizing new species of Floridian amphibians, and their alluring and disturbing vibrations won't disappoint in the slightest. Pick up both records along with the knockout debut LP by Miami's Jacuzzi Boys, No Seasons from Florida's Dying, right HERE and don't look back.

Check out an animated video for the Electric Bunnies' lead-off track "Sailing All Alone Tonight," from their amazing debut LP, created by Lucha Workshop, right here: